The simplest way to lose weight!

weight-loss-surgery-in-ahmedabadMost people are not aware of the fact that simple tweaks in your lifestyle can also do wonders. These small changes can help you in losing weight, without starving yourself.

Here are 8 such tried and tested ways that you can very easily follow in your day-to-day schedule to lose weight:

Never skip breakfast

A lot of people, in order to lose weight, don’t eat breakfast. But this is actually counterproductive. Not only will skipping breakfast make you feel weak and irritable, but you are also bound to eat more throughout the day. So, if you are looking to shed a few kilos, start by eating your breakfast on time.

Choose water to quench your thirst

If you feel that you are doing your body a favor by having carbonated drinks to satisfy your cravings, your calculations are really, really wrong. The worst part is that you not only consume a lot of calories by drinking these sweetened drinks, but they also don’t even reduce your hunger. So, cut off soft drinks or packaged juices and stick to plain water. If you want more flavor, you can always infuse fresh fruits in the water.

Keep that bag of chips away

That non-stop munching that you do while sitting on your workstation tapping away on your laptop does more harm than you realize. Whether it is a packet of chips or nuts, all these junk food contain preservatives which are really harmful to your health and may also contribute to weight gain.

Walk more

This is the simplest trick of the lot, which can bring the most change in your weight. Take the staircase whenever possible, get up and walk while you are talking on the phone and get up and walk around the house during commercial breaks. Get down 5 minutes away from your house and walk home from there.

Say yes to fresh fruits and vegetables

We cannot emphasize enough on the importance of having fresh fruits. Keep in mind that you should always have whole fruits instead of making a fruit chaat of assorted fruits. This will help you include fiber in your daily diet which in turn will help with your digestion.

Sleep on time

We always underestimate the importance of having a good night’s sleep. Having quality sleep plays a very essential role in staying healthy and losing weight.

Add protein to your diet

It is essential to add a good amount of protein in your diet to tame your hunger, which essentially helps you losing weight. Some of the best sources of proteins like:

  • Beans
  • Soy
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Lean Meat


Author: hopeobesitycentre

Today, bariatric surgery is not as uncommon as it was a few years ago. With a number of clinics dedicated to the treatment of obese people, what makes Hope Obesity Centre unique is the post operative care rendered to the patients.

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