Today, bariatric surgery is not as uncommon as it was a few years ago. With a number of clinics dedicated to the treatment of obese people, what makes Hope Obesity Centre unique is the post operative care rendered to the patients.

Once a person associates with Hope, he/she becomes a member of the family for lifetime. From providing with the correct guidance, to the surgery, to the post operative treatment; everything is taken care of here. We believe that post operative care plays a significant role in the process of recovery, probably even more than surgery.

Surgery is effective only when proper diet and exercises are followed. We ensure that the patients revisit the clinic for regular follow-ups. Along with this, we even organize various events to keep them empowered. Our dedicated team consists of a surgeon, a physician, a dietician, anaesthetics, a physiologist and an intensivist. Our aim is to live up to the hopes of our patients and give them a new life altogether.

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